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So what makes Jesters Jaffle pies different?

Jesters only uses very high quality, fresh garden vegetables and ingredients in our fillings. Our chunky beef pies contain 95% fat free diced steak. Our mince pies contain premium quality 95% fat free beef and our chicken is quality, lean, skin free chicken. No added preservatives or MSG are used in any of our pie fillings.

The other significant difference is the unique Jesters pastry we use; a very thin, 100% puff pastry resulting in a light satisfying pie. Due to the ultra thin pastry, our Jaffle Pies are significantly lower in fat than other pies and much lower in fat than most fast food alternatives. Jesters has a number of pies which have less than 5% saturated fat and less than 350mg of sodium per 100gms.

We combine our fresh, tasty ingredients with our unique pastry and cook this in our Jaffle Pie cookers.

Jesters Mission

To provide customers with the healthiest and most nutritious pies in New Zealand

The franchise system – What Jesters provide

Jesters aims to provide our franchisees with a system that ensures their success. The system is based on tried and proven concepts and allows you to concentrate on the things that make a difference. The following is a summary of some of the benefits the Jesters system provides:

  • An identifiable and highly regarded corporate image
  • Use of a registered trademark
  • Professional store set-up and fit out
  • Group marketing initiatives and local marketing advice
  • Supply of unique pie fillings of excellent quality and value
  • Access to established suppliers of other ingredients and products
  • An initial training program covering all areas of the operation
  • Ongoing training for owners and staff
  • Continuing support and advice on the overall running of your store
  • Sharing resources and the cross-pollination of ideas with the other franchisees throughout our network
  • Access to proven management and operational systems
  • Economies of scale in advertising, purchasing and administration
  • Entry into a ‘turn key’ operation
  • Profit centres outside of the store

Store Operations

Inventory holding requirements are minimal and there are no debtors to chase and wastage is minimal compared with other businesses.

Systems and procedures are in place to allow our franchisees to plan and adjust daily their Jaffle Pie requirements ensuring production needs are met as well as minimising end of day stocks

All operations are covered by a detailed operations manual to guide you.

Why should we choose a Jesters Franchise?

Franchising is now very competitive and Franchisees have a wide and varied range of business opportunities to choose from. It is Jesters aim to ensure that Jesters is a leader in all aspects of franchising including franchisee support, training, marketing, merchandising, research and product development, all of which will help with the success of every Jesters store.

In 2010 we introduced an additional revenue stream available to all Jesters franchisees – The Jesters pie van. This branded delivery van allows franchisees to “take their pies to their customers” and caters for weekday industrial deliveries, as well as special events and weekend sporting venues. This initiative has had some excellent results.

In addition we believe Jesters offers a combination of unique benefits that few other franchise opportunities can offer including:

  • Unique combination of products
  • Opportunity to “own” the unique "Jaffle Pie” product in the marketplace
  • External profit opportunities
  • A low start up cost relative to other fast food businesses
  • Low inventory costs

Do I need to be a baker or have food retail experience?

No. Previous experience in the food or retail industry is not necessary, but management capabilities are a prerequisite. The Jesters manufacturing process has been refined and automated so anybody with the desire to learn can manufacture our products and run a store. Successful franchisees may come from many different backgrounds including banking, the armed services and teaching.

What type of training do I receive?

Our initial training program is conducted in-store and provides training in manufacturing, management and Jesters operational procedures. Training includes:

  • Manufacturing skills and production management
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Product knowledge and handling
  • Accounting and cash control
  • Staff training and customer service
  • Management practices
  • Marketing and promotional activities

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