Pies for all the right reasons

Why you should fundraise with Jesters

Our fundraising model offers a great way for your school or group to maximise the return on your efforts.

Jesters Fundraising Pie Day

Raise much needed funds for your school!

To find out more email helpdesk@tgcl.co.nz or freephone 0508 4KINDO

Jesters Fundraising Pie Chart

How to order

    1. Contact helpdesk@tgcl.co.nz or freephone 0508 4KINDO to arrange a date and get set up.
    2. Enjoy your yummy pies! Delivered ready to eat and labelled for each child.

    3. Invoice karen@number8rg.co.nz for your $2 per pie – too easy!
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Jesters Fundraising Player of the Day

Well Played!

Jesters is a proud supporter of local sports across New Zealand.

We can either supply hot tasty pies for an event or supply frozen pies for you to heat up on the day. A fantastic way to raise funds for your sports club/organisations with a quality product that is easy to sell.

Our programme will provide the tools that help with fundraising, including:

  • Order forms for participants
  • Prizes for top sellers
  • Bonus payments for agreed targets
  • Redeemable vouchers for purchasers

Whether you need to raise $1,000 or $10,000, talk to us about your project and see how Jesters can offer you a unique way of achieving those targets.

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